Monday, November 26, 2012

Raising Dissident Children

There is not a day that goes by that I do not wish that my children would just do what I say when I say it. No arguments. No dissent. Attention. *blows whistle*

The wish is real. The frustration is real. The endless debates are exhausting. I might sometimes pause and wonder where we went wrong.

Take this weekend. We take the children to a children's movie and the oldest complains. A lot.

Then we go to lunch. More complaining.

I am literally tearing my hair out. But now it is Monday and the dissenters are at school where they are actually pretty obedient. I have yet to get a call from the school complaining that they have incited a riot or formed a Children's Liberation Front.

Now it is Monday I can think. And when I think about it I hate being told what to do. I hate being forced to enjoy things I do not enjoy. I am quietly non-compliant.

I still wish that my kids would consider giving us a day off every now and again, giving us a day without challenges. But if I am to send children out into the world who take on the powers that be, ask questions, don't just blindly accept the way things are, then who better to practice this lifetime of dissent on than me.


  1. LOVE IT! It's worth reminding ourselves sometimes that we are raising rebels not robots and that is something to be proud of, however frustrating it may feel at the time. And the fact that they *can* control it when they need to means that there is a good chance they will still end up functioning members of society. But also members who know how to question that society.

  2. Yes! I was quietly proud the day my daughter told me she was not answering back, she was debating. Blind obedience might make for a peaceful life (sighs wistfully) but I know what I really prefer.

  3. Hearing you! Sending hugs, I can now, that Mr13 has finally stopped talking to me at 12.30am. He has far more energy to argue the toss than he does to help with the simplest tasks around the house. To say I'm sick of my own voice repeating itself, only to do the task myself anyway, would be a massive understatement. Every day I am thankful he is not twins :O xxx