Saturday, January 12, 2013

2/52: Married Love and other stories by Tessa Hadley

I picked up this book (or more accurately put it on my ereader) after reading this review in the New York Times. 

It is worth reading through the author notes at the end. I particularly loved this (depressing as it is as a statement of the position of the stay at home parent) ...

"I'm sure my daughters-in-law can't imagine a retreat so complete and dull-seeming as those years of shopping and cooking and cleaning and waiting in the school playground. They're right, probably. Though there's something to be said for all that slow invisible work the mind does when it isn't buoyed along by anything outside. And there are lessons you learn, too, knowing you're weak and unimportant and socially invisible - these lessons ought to keep you sane and clean and without illusions."

And this ...

"When you do finally make your way into the writing personality that is your real one, it's such a relief ... It's like wandering round for years and years in a writing wilderness and then letting yourself in at least to your own house with your own key."


  1. Hi, thanks for the link to the review. I'm not fond of short stories generally, but I'm very interested in stories about class.

    1. Let me know if you get to read it. I love short stories and also love writing around class issues. M